Max Frank Formwork & Spacers

Pecafil - universal formwork system

Pecafil or steel shuttering for the in-ground construction of pile caps and ground beams, to provide fast and accurate for a range of applications, using standard or custom-manufactured elements.

Download the Pecafil brochure for more detailed information and see the Pecafil Site Installation Guide for more information on the ease of installation.

For any assistance with design, please contact your local Fletcher Reinforcing branch.

Stremaform - formwork elements

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Stremaform® is placed between the reinforcement bars providing a rough surface to the concrete.

This surface forms an indented structure with the second concrete pour so that the working joint transfers shear forces identical to those obtained with monolithic concrete (proven by tests carried out at the IBMB Brunswick).

- The bond between concrete and Stremaform® provides a shear strength equivalent to that of monolithic concrete.
construction site and guarantees fast progress of the project.

Concrete Spacers

Spacers are used to ensure that the specified cover to the reinforcement in concrete

Extruded fibre concrete – the optimum material combination with in-situ concrete:

- High compressive strength, no deformation in heat or cold, concrete cover accurately maintained.
- Spacers remain in position during formwork erection and concreting.
- Ideal for impermeable concrete, no hairline cracks between the spacer and the concrete
- Tested according to DBV fact sheet “Spacer – version from January 2011” of the German Concrete Association
- KOMO certificate - our cement-bound spacers are certified according to the Dutch assessment directive BRL2817

AS/NZS 2425:2105 Bar chairs in reinforced concrete

The Standard sets minimum requirements for compressive strength, point load-carrying performance and tolerances of bar chairs used in reinforced concrete. Importantly the issue of the durability of spacers and bar chairs is also addressed with the inclusion of maximum chloride permeability values.

Unsatisfactory manufacturing methods and site application of bar chairs, leading to the misplacement of steel reinforcement compromises structural strength and reduces the durability of reinforced concrete structures. This Standard has put in place minimum acceptable specification limits to avert these pitfalls. Max Frank spacers already fully comply with the requirements of this new standard.