The hidden strength at the
heart of New Zealand's
building environment.

Structured for strength

Fletcher Reinforcing supplies the reinforcing steel and reinforcing mesh that provides greater strength to concrete foundations and structures. The company’s reinforcing fabrication service is available from its branch network to construction sites, precasters, piling contractors, and builders throughout New Zealand. Fletcher Reinforcing carries stock of steel reinforcing material, cuts and bends rebar, produces cutting and bending schedules from construction drawings, and performs on site placement. Other related products and services such as Ancon coupling systems, galvanised Reid bar, support chairs, and building film are also supplied to customers.

Our customers.

Our customer base includes anyone who requires reinforcing steel products for one reason or another. These include large construction and infrastructure contractors, medium and small sized building contractors, a handyman wanting to pour a slab for a garden shed or even an artist wanting to make items from reinforcing steel.