Prefabricated Reinforcing Cages

We supply prefabricated reinforcing steel cages – these are designed to help customers increase productivity on site for contractors who are short on time or space.

These are made in a factory environment which can be controlled, by skilled steel fixers and welders. During the design stage, we can work with the designers to ensure efficiency and increase productivity through buildability and constructability.

We have years of experience in the prefabrication of every type of cage, from small residential piles, in ground beams, pile caps up to large diaphragm walls for large infrastructure projects.


We can provide prefabricated piles to a full range of projects. From residential buildings where ground conditions require piling, commercial projects and large infrastructure structures, we can build and deliver to site a full range of pile cages as per your requirements.

Pre-welded Footings

Pre-welded footing cages save time and improve accuracy on site.

Precast Units

Precast units can be prefabricated into cages prior to delivery to the precast yard. This saves you time, handling and storage space, reducing costs all around.

Providing solutions to the Waterview diaphram wall project

The Auckland Team at Fletcher Reinforcing embraced the challenges presented to them by the Alliance and were ready to start supplying finished cages on time in January 2013. At the peak of demand in February, the prefabrication yard in Otahuhu was buzzing with a large team of steel fixers working at speed in order to deliver to the required schedule.

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