Max Frank Pecafil

From innovation and development to manufacture, Max Frank’s Pecafil Stay-In-Place Formwork system speeds up construction, improves build quality, reduces the need for skilled labour and saves you money. Pecafil Installation is available exclusively at Fletcher Reinforcing.

The specially manufactured material is constructed from a steel mesh in a wide range of sheet and strip sizes and shaped to meet the application. Its distinctive yellow outer layer is heat-shrunk puncture resistant polyethylene, made from non-toxic, naturally occurring hydrocarbons.

Available independently of Fletcher Reinforcing’s steel offer or in conjunction with it, Pecafil Stay-In-Place Formwork is ideal for formwork on:

  • Strip foundations
  • Ground beams
  • Circular or complicated formwork
  • Pile caps

Pecafil Features & Benefits

  • Reduced critical path duration due to lead & lag tasks being nearly fully overlapped
  • Fasters installation resulting in reduced labour cost
  • No stripping, cleaning or returning of the formwork as the formwork stays in place
  • Possible to prefabricate off-site with reinforcing steel prior to delivery
  • Backfilling can commence as soon as formwork is placed
  • Smaller excavations as less working room is required
  • Better site access due to reduced formwork space requirements
  • Light enough for one person to handle with ease.

Enquire today for installation of Max Frank’s Pecafil Stay-In-Place Formwork system. Enquire on our website or visit one of our New Zealand Fletcher Reinforcing branches in both the North and South Island.

Pecafil chosen for time efficiency in Pacific Coast Village project with C3 Construction

Pecafil Case Study


  • Hyundai Marine Sports Centre
  • Artillery Drive Stormwater Tunnel
  • Atlas Quarter Apartments
  • Pacific Coast Village

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