Reinforcing Bar

Reinforcing bar is the core of our business. We offer a complete range of both grade 300E and 500E plain, deformed and threaded reinforcing steel. Each grade has a variety of diameters available.

All the steel supplied by Fletcher Reinforcing is produced in New Zealand by Pacific Steel. Seismic® reinforcing bar, made by Pacific Steel, is made specifically to meet New Zealand’s unique seismic conditions and is found in commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential buildings.

Steel Range
- Grade 300E Plain (R) - 6mm to 25mm

- Grade 300E Deformed (D) - 10mm to 32mm

- Grade 500E Plain (HR) - up to 20mm

- Grade 500E Deformed (HD) - 10mm to 40mm

All the smaller sizes are available ex stock. Some of the larger sizes are available by large order only. The larger diameter bars are stocked in lengths up to 18m. Bars up to 20m long can be ordered.
Reinforcing Bar
Reinforcing Bar

Reinforcing Mesh

Fletcher Reinforcing supplies the sizes of reinforcing mesh required for New Zealand. We manufacture from our facility in Auckland and distribute through leading building material suppliers or our branch network.
Super Ductile 500E

Super Ductile™ is a 500E grade of reinforcing mesh designed to withstand the forces of seismic activity to provide stronger reinforcement to concrete foundations. It has been developed specifically to meet the new residential building standards requirements that came into effect in February 2012.

Development of the product involved an unwavering focus on research, in collaboration with Pacific Steel, as well as independent testing at the Pacific Steel test house.

Super Ductile™ is available at PlaceMakers and other leading building products retailers nationwide.

More about Super Ductile™:

  • Grade 500E (seismic) as per AS/NZS 4671
  •  Yield stress (MPa) >500 <600
  •  Uniform Elongation >10%
  • Tensile Ratio % >1.15 <1.40
  • Weight per m2 complies with NZS 3604:2011
  • Weld Shear Strength >5.9
  • Range of options to meet your requirements

New requirements for reinforcing in residential builds - the facts: 

Changes to reinforcing requirements affect NZS 3604:2011. From 1 February 2012 all concrete floor slabs on ‘good ground’ are required to have reinforcing steel mesh, and all perimeter foundations are required to be tied to the concrete slab with reinforcing steel. The minimum reinforcement from 1 February 2012 is 2.27kg/m2 of Grade 500E reinforcing mesh fabric.

Mesh Smartphone App
Fletcher Reinforcing delivers all the technical specifications and information you require while out on site, directly to your smartphone or iPad.

Simply go to the Apple AppStore or Google Marketplace from your device and search for Fletcher Reinforcing – the App is free. Alternatively, scan this QR code to go directly to the app:
Mesh App QR Code
Mesh app on App Store or Google Play
Mesh Machine
Reinforcing Mesh


ReidBar™ 500E, is a micro-alloy, hot-rolled, continuously threaded reinforcing bar which can be cut at any length and joined using ReidBar threaded connectors. ReidBar™ is manufactured to AS/NZS4671:2001 Steel Reinforcing Materials with the deformations forming a continuous right hand thread.  All Reidbar threaded connectors identified by the Reid logo are cast from SG ductile iron, and are designed to exceed the tensile capacity of the high-strength, threaded reinforcing bar, and provide connections suitable for seismic conditions.

Features & benefits:
  • Improves structural integrity through joining of the bar with threaded connectors.
  • Creates a full strength seismic joint – connectors are designed to exceed the capacity of the high strength 500MPa bar (with the exclusion of some Reidbrace fittings).
  • Suitable for seismic design, ReidBar is manufactured to 500E steel specification standards.
  • Ultimate strength development is possible with short embedment depths using foot plates.
  • Eliminates cast in starter-bars for simple transportation, handling and avoids re-bending.
  • Removes congestion and can ease construction, eliminating the need for hooked bars.
  • Provides simple solutions for construction problems, reducing labour and material costs.
  • The system is suitable for use in thin concrete sections such as wall panels.
Reidbar Coupler

Reinforcing Accessories

Fletcher Reinforcing offers a wide range of accessories required on site for placing reinforcing steel and mesh.

Bar Chairs – Slab on Ground
We offer the Castle range of bar chairs. A comprehensive range of chairs that offers you strength and reliability, manufactured with clip-on options to assist you with faster and more accurate placement of reinforcing mesh or bar. Material is carefully selected to ensure highest quality and consistency throughout the range. 

Safety Caps
Castle’s Hi-Visibility Cap protects you from waratahs, star-posts and bars up to 32mm.The one cap does it all. 

Reinforcing Bar safety Cap

Heavy Duty Circular Spacers

A great new product from Castle - a heavy duty circular spacer, perfect for use in column cages, pile cages, trench bar supports and a wide variety of precast applications. 
A clever design allows flexibility, so the wheel can be used on 12 - 25mm bar using inserts for s secure fit.

Heavy Duty to withstand high loads particularly designed for levelling panels before placement and many other spacing applications on the building site. Comes in four handy colour coded sizes 1, 3, 6 & 10mm thickness, size 100mm x 90mm with split line.
Heavy Duty Shim Spacer

Heavy Duty Circular Reinforcing Spacer


Prefabricated Reinforcing Components
Fletcher Reinforcing is able to supply prefabricated reinforcing steel components.

Fletcher Reinforcing supplies prefabricated pile cages up to 18m long. An automated pile machine is located in Auckland and a mobile pile machine is based in Dunedin ensuring a fast and efficient service.

Pre-welded Footings
Pre-welded footing cages save time and improve accuracy on site.

Precast Units
Precast units can be prefabricated into cages prior to delivery to the precast yard. This saves you time, handling and storage space, reducing costs all round.
Prefabricated Pile Cage
Prefabricated Reinforcing Columns
Prefabricated Reinforcing Cages


As well as some of the leading products, Fletcher Reinforcing offers these services to our customers to make their work easier:

Estimating and Quoting
Our technical sales team offer a free, no obligation quoting service. Documents can be received either in hard copy or electronically in most formats including Autocad.

If design changes occur at any time, we have the ability to update the quantities and amend a quote quickly and  efficiently.

Fletcher Reinforcing prides itself on the quality and the experience of our team of detailers. Some recent projects that our team have worked on include the New Lynn Rail Tunnel, Manukau Harbour Crossing, Eden Park and Mount Eden Prison in Auckland, the Tauranga Harbour Link, AMI Stadium in Christchurch and the Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin.

Pre-welded Footings
Pre-welded footing cages save time and improve accuracy on site.

Precast Units
Precast units can be prefabricated into cages prior to delivery to the precast yard. This saves you time, handling and storage space, reducing costs all round.

On-site Placing Service
Our new Placing service, which is available throughout the country, enables us to offer both commercial and industrial construction customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ package, featuring not only quality product, but installation by a highly professional team.

"The feedback we’ve had from clients has been extremely positive – they’re pleased that we’ve taken the initiative in offering this service and are eager to use it," says Fletcher Reinforcing’s General Manager, Jonathan White.

Providing placing teams with the backing of our systems, particularly in relation to health and safety, is highly valued and this aspect of our business is already growing rapidly, with a number of large projects such as the Taranaki Base Hospital and Te Mihi Geothermal power station underway.

Contact your nearest branch to find out more about our Placing service

Reinforcing Cutting and Bending
Fletcher Reinforcing has one of the most comprehensive and advanced range of cutting and bending machines in New Zealand. These include shearlines, single and double ended benders and automatic benders as well as pile fabrication machines and portable on site equipment.