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The Steel Distribution team cook up a storm at Ronald McDonald House

On Wednesday 24th June, a team from Steel Distribution cooked dinner at Ronald McDonald House in Auckland for approx. 120 adults and children. Steel Distribution is supporting RMH this year and thanks to all the staff and customers who recently bought raffle tickets for this great cause.

The team had a great night with only a few moments of blind panic (can you really steam chocolate puddings on an open top BBQ?), but a well thought out plan and team allocation kept us going to deliver the food in plenty of time for the 6pm deadline.

A highlight was Adrian Blake's (National Sales Manager) technology intervention during the ham cooking, with Bluetooth probes and iPad apps being showed off (we actually thought he was busy answering work emails when the iPad came out!). Hamish (General Manager) proved his worth as an excellent dish washer and ham carrier!

Thanks to the team on the night for a great effort and we are looking forward to another night in the kitchen before Christmas….

The cooking team consisted of:

Steel Distribution: Hamish McBeath, Adrian Blake, James McIntosh, Leonie Orr, Lauren O'Neill, Neil Watson
Easysteel: Elaine McKee, Vinnie Guppta, Paul Manion, Kirsty Dougherty
PCC: Nicola Essex
Fletcher Reo: Nicola Ridenton