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Home to 100% New Zealand-made reinforcing steel and mesh products. With our help, your concrete foundations and structures will benefit from the strength of our skilled team. From initial estimations and detailing, to manufacturing and on-site placement, our complete service is with you until the job is done.

Our reinforcing steel and reinforcing mesh act as the bones of concrete foundations and structures. We offer fabrication services from our nationwide branch network for constructions sites, precasters, contractors, and builders throughout New Zealand. Fletcher Reinforcing goes beyond simply fabricating and supplying stock – we also cut and bend reinforcing bar, produce cutting and bending schedules from construction drawings, and perform on-site placement.

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We recognise the value of reinforcing steel in a wide variety of projects, and we work with a wide customer base. Our clients are mostly large construction and infrastructure contractors, but we also extend our services to anyone else who might be interested. If you’re a building contractor with a small to medium-sized business, a handyman pouring a slab for a garden shed, or even an artist who wants to sculpt with reinforcing steel, we’re proud of our products, and we’re always ready to show you why. Contact us today for more information.

Our products and services

We don’t just supply reinforcing bar and steel mesh, we have a whole collection of building solutions to offer you. These include galvanised Reidbar, support chairs, and building film. We are also proud to supply Max Frank Pecafil Stay-In-Place Formwork – ideal for strip foundations, ground beams, circular or complicated formwork, and pile caps. The Max Frank Formwork range speeds up construction, improves your build quality, and saves you money.

  • Reinforcing Bar - Rebar
  • Reinforcing Mesh
  • Max Frank Pecafil
  • Max Frank Stremaform

Reinforcing Bar - Rebar

Steel Reinforcing bar (or Rebar) is the core of our business. We offer a complete range of both grade 300E and 500E plain, deformed and threaded reinforcing steel. Each grade has a variety of diameters available.

All the rebar supplied by Fletcher Reinforcing is produced in New Zealand by Pacific Steel. Seismic® reinforcing bar, made by Pacific Steel, is made specifically to meet New Zealand’s unique seismic conditions and is found in commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential buildings.

Steel Range

  • Grade 300E Plain (R) - 6mm to 25mm
  • Grade 300E Deformed (D) - 10mm to 32mm
  • Grade 500E Plain (HR) - up to 20mm
  • Grade 500E Deformed (HD) - 10mm to 40mm

All the smaller sizes are available ex stock. Some of the larger rebar sizes are available by large order only. The larger diameter bars are stocked in lengths up to 18m. Bars up to 20m long can be ordered.

Reinforcing Mesh

We supply 100% New Zealand made ductile and hard-drawn reinforcing mesh required for the New Zealand construction and building industry. Manufactured in facilities around the country, then distributed through leading building material suppliers or directly through our national branch network.

Seismic 500E grade of reinforcing mesh designed to withstand the forces of seismic activity provides stronger reinforcement to concrete foundations.

Hard drawn mesh is more suitable for non-structural applications, such as driveways and footpaths.

We offer a range of mesh sheet sizes to meet the needs of typical New Zealand applications.

Max Frank Pecafil

From innovation and development to manufacture, Max Frank’s Pecafil Stay-In-Place Formwork system speeds up construction, improves build quality, reduces the need for skilled labour and saves you money. Pecafil Installation is available exclusively at Fletcher Reinforcing.

The specially manufactured material is constructed from a steel mesh in a wide range of sheet and strip sizes and shaped to meet the application. Its distinctive yellow outer layer is heat-shrunk puncture resistant polyethylene, made from non-toxic, naturally occurring hydrocarbons.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced critical path duration due to lead & lag tasks being nearly fully overlapped
  • Fasters installation resulting in reduced labour cost
  • No stripping, cleaning or returning of the formwork as the formwork stays in place
  • Possible to prefabricate off-site with reinforcing steel prior to delivery
  • Backfilling can commence as soon as formwork is placed
  • Smaller excavations as less working room is required
  • Better site access due to reduced formwork space requirements
  • Light enough for one person to handle with ease.

Max Frank Stremaform

Max Frank’s Stremaform Stay-In-Place construction joint system speeds up construction, improves build quality, reduces the need for skilled labour and saves you money.

The Stremaform Construction Joint Formwork Systems consists of a special expanded metal mesh which replaces the traditional formwork. It stays in the concrete and eliminates any need for formwork removal or scabbling of the surface prior to the second pour. Tests carried out by the Technical University of Brunswick show that the resistance of these construction joints to shear forces is identical to that for monolithic concrete.

Features & Benefits

  • Stremaform eliminates any need for formwork removal and scabbling
  • Stremaform Formwork installation speed dramatically sped up when heavily congested with reinforcing
  • Dimensionally stable and designed to withstand concrete pressure during the pour
  • More consistent performance of concrete bond at construction joints resulting in a monolithic joint
  • Reduced task duration and greater overlap with lead & lag tasks reduces the critical path duration

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