Ancon Coupling & Tension Bar Systems

ANCON Coupler Systems

Lapped joints are not always an appropriate means of connecting rebar. The use of Ancon Reinforcing Bar Couplers can simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduce the amount of reinforcement required.

Fletcher Reinforcing offers the BT Threaded bar coupling system and the MBT Mechanical coupling system.
Ancon Couplers

BT Threaded Bar Couplers

BT parallel threaded couplers are suited to projects which require high volumes of couplers. They produce a full strength joint and yet are one of the smallest couplers in the Ancon range. The ends of the bars to be joined are cut square and enlarged by cold forging to increase their core diameter and so ensure that the joint is stronger than the bar. The couplers are usually supplied attached to the reinforcing bar.
Ancon BT Threaded Bar Coupler
BT Type A
The Type A coupler is used for
applications where the continuation
bar can be rotated. The ends of the
bars are upset and threaded for half the length of the coupler.
Ancon BT Type A Coupler
BT Type C
The Type C coupler has an additional locknut and is used where the continuation bar cannot be rotated. The continuation bar is threaded for the full length of the coupler plus the length of the locknut.
Ancon BT Type C Coupler

BT couplers comply in all respects to NZS 3101 when used with reinforcing bars to AS/NZS 4671.

BT couplers size range: 12-40mm

BT Type B

The Type B coupler uses the same coupler as the Type A system, but one bar is threaded for the full coupler length. It is designed for applications where it is difficult but not impossible to rotate the continuation bar.

Ancon BT Type B Coupler

Ancon Anchors

Ancon Anchors create an anchorage in the concrete, replacing the need for bent or hooked bar ends. They can simplify scheduling and bar placement, and reduce congestion in the concrete. 

Designed for use on 12mm to 40mm reinforcing bars. Ancon Anchors are internally threaded with metric threads to suit the BT coupler system. They create a full strength joint, the mode of failure being bar break.

Ancon Anchors size range: 12-40mm
Ancon Anchor
Ancon MBT Coupler

MBT Headed Anchor

MBT Headed Anchors are designed to provide dead end embedment for bars in concrete. This helps to reduce congestion and simplify the placement of rebars by removing the need for hooked ends. The anchor comprises half an MBT coupler with a plate welded to one end which carries the full tension load of the bar when it is bearing against the concrete. The MBT Headed Anchor also has the added advantage of requiring no special bar end preparation.

MBT Headed Anchors are stocked in limited quantities, otherwise are made to order.
Nut Runner for Ancon MBT Couplers

MBT Couplers

MBT couplers require neither bar end preparation to form threadsnor bar rotation to effect installation. The bars are supported within the coupler by two serrated saddles. As a series of lockshear bolts are tightened to a predetermined torque, they are embedded into the bar. At the same time the saddles bite into both the bar and the shell of the coupler. Installation is complete when the heads of all of the bolts are sheared off. The lockshear bolts on sizes 10mm to 20mm can be tightened using a ratchet wrench. For larger sizes a nut runner is recommended. Impact tools must not be used. MBT couplers can be used to join imperial, plain round or deformed reinforcing bars.

MBT couplers size range: 12-40mm

Nut Runner for MBT Couplers

To facilitate the safe installation of MBT and MBT Headed Anchors, we are able to supply an electric wrench for 32mm and 40mm couplers and anchors. The smooth continuous action of the wrench prevents the early shearing of the lockshear bolts and damage to threads.

The wrench is supplied with specially hardened heavy duty sockets.

**Subject to machine availability

KSN Anchors

Independent tests have verified the enhanced performance specifically offered by Ancon KSN Anchors when used in slab-to-wall moment connections.

Our research enables engineers to design construction joints without the restrictions of traditional continuity systems or the awkward anchorage lengths demanded by reinforcing bar couplers.
  • Design freedom
  • Enhanced performance
  • Independently tested
  • Variable bar length
  • Variable anchor spacing
  • Less congestion
  • Safer, faster installation
  • No bar straightening

The use of Ancon KSN Anchors with BT threaded reinforcing bars can simplify concrete design at construction joints, typically in wall-to-slab applications.

The anchor is cast into the face of the concrete wall. When the formwork and thread protection is removed, the reinforcing bar is screwed into the anchor. Once all other reinforcement is installed, the adjoining slab is cast to complete the installation.

This system eliminates the drilling of formwork or concrete and the dangers associated with projecting bars and on-site bar straightening. It replaces bent or hooked bar ends simplifying bar scheduling and can be used to minimise congestion in the wall.

In addition to their use in direct tensile applications, KSN Anchors have been independently tested in moment connections where they provide enhanced performance. KSN Anchors may also be suitable for other applications where a cast-in threaded insert is required.

Starter & Continuation Bars

KSN Anchors are designed for use with 12mm, 16mm and 20mm grade 500E reinforcing bar, threaded with a BT metric thread. The BT system produces a full strength joint. The bar end is cut square and enlarged by cold forging. This increases the core diameter of the bar to ensure that the strength of the bar is maintained. A parallel metric thread is cut onto the enlarged bar end. A 12mm bar is provided with an M16 thread, a 16mm bar with an M20 thread and a 20mm bar with an M24 thread. The threaded ends are protected by an external plastic sheath.

Tension & Compression Systems

Tie bars are increasingly being used in structures and buildings as an architectural as well as a structural element. Ancon Tension Systems have been designed to meet the demanding aesthetic requirements of today’s applications.
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Bars from 8mm to 56mm diameter
  • Choice of finishes
  • Aesthetically designed forks
  • Locking nut included as standard
  • Full adjustment within fork connectors
  • Visual check of correct installation
  • Isolation supplied as standard with stainless steel systems